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 All books are current (unless otherwise noted) and were used with the DVD and Video Streaming Program .

Beka Academy (ABA) is an accredited distance learning program for Kindergarten through grade 12.  Christian character building textbooks from A Beka Book are used with video instruction for a college preparatory education.


(1)  All Books are the most Current A Beka Editions used in the school systems, (unless otherwise noted).

(2)  All Books are well kept, like new, never written in, (unless otherwise noted).

(3)  All Books and educational material from a smoke-free home, pet-free home.

(4)  All subjects/books are sold with both the Student and Teacher Editions; minus the student test edition since the original pages were removed from all test booklets and sent to A Beka Academy in it's original form for the previous student/s. If any student test booklets are included in your purchase it will be Discounted, minus the said test pages.

(5)  All of the A Beka Books were previously used with the DVD Program 1 at A Beka Academy; therefore, the Video Manual/s act as the Daily Lesson Planner and this will be given at no charge when sets are bought, only.

(6)  All Subjects that are included on this website are the required courses for a High School Diploma required with A Beka or any Home Schooling (but please also check your state for certain laws and requirements); there is a link on this site for State Laws.

(7)  The Subjects that are included consist of a six (6) subject daily plan, for grades 9-12:

Bible, English, History, Math, Science, Electives

Required courses for graduation from A Beka Academy (ABA)                                  

4 credits in Bible

(includes ½ credit in Life Management)

4 credits in English

4 credits in Math

   1 credit in Algebra 1
   3 math electives

3 credits in Science

   (2 credits with lab components)

1 credit in Spanish

   (can be taken 10-12)

3 ½ credits in History

   1 credit in World History 10
   1 credit in U.S. History 11
   ½ credit in American Government
   ½ credit in Economics
   ½ credit in history elective

1 credit in Physical Education

1 credit in Practical/Performing Arts

2½ elective credits

24 total credits required for graduation

(minimum of four credits with A Beka Academy in the 12th grade year).

Recommended Electives from A Beka Academy (ABA)



Health (one sem.)½
  World Geography (one sem.)½
  (prerequisite—Alg. 1)
  Physics (honors)
  (prerequisites—Alg. 1)
  Spanish 1 Required for graduation
  (can be taken 10-12)
  Spanish 2 (honors)
  (prerequisite—Spanish 1)
  Algebra 2 (honors)
  (prerequisite—Algebra 1)
  Consumer Math1
  Plane Geometry (honors)
  (prerequisites—Alg. 1)

 Business Math

  PreCalculus (honors)
  (prerequisites—Alg. 1, Alg. 2, Geometry)
 *Speech (one sem.)½
 *Orchestra 1
  (Jaffé Music Courses)
 *Orchestra 2
  (Jaffé Music Courses)
  (prerequisite—Orchestra 1)
*Computer Applications (one sem.)
  (prerequisite—typing—one semester)
 *Family/Consumer Sciences (one sem.)½
*Home Ec.—Sewing (one sem.)
  (Female students only for sewing)
 Physical Education 21


Accredited and Independent Study Program Courses - A Beka Book Program Using DVDs and/or Video Streaming.

Check out the books currently being used with the above programs:


  Great Visual Aids for Home Schooling Students:

EDUCATIONAL CD/ROMs - Priced at $5 each {click the underlined}   

  All CD/ROMs are compatible with Windows XP.              


  1. Compton's Encyclopedia - Discover and Experience a World of Information.
  2. GeoSafari - MultiMedia Game - (Ages 8 & up)
  3. OREGON TRAIL II - 25th Anniversary Limited Edition
  4. IMAGINATION EXPRESS - Destination Rain Forest.
  5. the Universe According VIRGIL REALTY - 7th Level.
  6. THE LEARNING COMPANY (including) - Deluxe! Reader Rabbit, Version 1 (Ages 5-8), Ultimate-Writing & Creativity Ctr (Ages 6-10), Operation Neptune (Ages 9-4).
  7. The Solar System (Ages: 8 and up) by KidSoft
Please, note many items from this website have already been sold,
the only A Beka items that are left in Inventory are:
  • Daily Lessons (Grade 12)
  • Video Manuals (Grades 9-12)
  • Student Tests/Quizzes (Grades 9-12)
  • Student Quizzes (Grades 9)
  • Praise Hymnal (used in grades 7-12)  

Also, available are great homeschooling tools, a Fun and Learning Visual Aid to use - CD/ROMs for grades K-12. 

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